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Alpha Zeta A Amarone Valpolicella 2018

Alpha Zeta A Amarone Valpolicella 2018

A jam-packed wine with concentrated dark fruits and deep, seductive aromas.






DOCG Amarone della Valpolicella









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What we say

Great mouthfeel and a long finish complete the allure of this cracking Amarone. Grilled meat, especially venison or beef ‘tagliata’ will bring out the best in this wine. It’s also great with game dishes, or even a hunk of quality hard cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano.


What they say

The method used for drying the grapes gives a concentrated richness and depth to the wine that is highly-sought after. Perfumes are of dried cherries and blueberries, with notes of spiced autumn fruit compote. A powerful but modern wine with a lovely balance of ripe tannins and spiced, savoury cherry fruit character.


How you say it 

Alf-a Zay-ta A Am-ah-roney Val-pol-i-chella


About the producer Alpha Zeta

The Alpha Zeta wines go from strength to strength. Leading New Zealand winemaker Matt Thomson is now working with two co-operatives whose vineyards cover about 1,900 hectares in the hills northeast of Verona. With this great range of vineyards and fruit to choose from, Matt is now able to demonstrate even better the potential inherent in Veronese viticulture. Alpha Zeta was started in 1999 when Liberty Wines and Matt Thomson set out to produce a range of modern, fruit driven wines from the hills outside Verona. These are modern, innovative wines that express the real quality inherent in Veronese viniculture.


Critics & Awards

International Wine Challenge: Silver (Millesime/ Vintage 2010) | Interntational Wine Challenge: Bronze (Millesime/ Vintage 2012)

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