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Brasserie Veyrat

LVG has been well and truly charmed by the story of Brasserie Veyrat.


IMG_0172Plumbing and refrigeration engineering as previous jobs, and a cycling tour around the world: Not exactly things you would expect to lead you into creating a brasserie, but, like all good things, Brasserie Veyrat wasn’t born out of the traditional.

Emmanuel Veyrat spent 2 years cycling around the world, exploring different countries and their cultures, and one thing struck him in particular. In America and Canada, he found micro-brasseries around every corner, and this ignited the spark that made him want to do the same, back home in France.

He set up the brasserie in his parents’ garage, to quench his personal thirst (which we very much condone here at LVG).

Quickly, others became interested, and the demand became so much so that he started selling to the public. Everything happened as a very happy coincidence.

In 2012 he started out officially, with a range of a dozen different beers, and to this day his beer collection is growing rapidly.

He has begun growing his own hops, and is looking to do more in future, to keep his produce as local as possible.



Boarding the good-ship LVG: 

IMG_0148Adam tried the beers and they hit it off, leading to the conscription of the other 2/3’s alcos-in-chief to have a taste. It was a no brainer.

Veyrat needed a company with similar values to distribute his beers throughout the Alps, and that’s where LVG swooped in to save the day.


It’s a family aff – aaaaaaaa- iiiii- re (Sly and the Family Stone anyone?):

Officially, it’s a one-man show, but Emmanuel wouldn’t be able to do it without the generously helping hands of his girlfriend and parents.IMG_9903

Especially his parents… I mean, I’m not sure how mine would feel about having their garage turned into a brasserie.

Located on the “impasse des prés aux biches” – the meadow of the deers – hint: that’s where the funky label comes from.


Beer all day, every day… it’s a tough life.

I asked Emmanuel what the best time was to drink beer, and he joyously responded “All the time!”, claiming it’s hard to find a bad moment.

If pressed, his favourite time is in the early afternoon, and sharing with friends and family is a must.



What beer do you fancy? = What’s the weather like outside?

In August 2016 his pumpkin beer was a hit, and now he’s really keen on making new beers each season, to match the season.

Recently Emmanuel has been enjoying the Rousse Bière because it’s juicy and fresh, and it has been so warm it feels like summer time!


We’re wishing for summer already…

Each summer, he sets up a bar in the garage, providing pizza and cheeses, so here’s a few recommendations to go witIMG_0147h the cheese when you visit:

  • Blonde (light and fruity) – Emmental
  • Blanche (carefully balanced acidity) – Tomme (mountain cheese)
  • Rousse (well-bodied beer, and very fruity) – a stronger cheese, or with raclette.


Here at LVG we’re bloomin’ chuffed about this new stage of our Craft Beer adventure.

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