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2014 Spring Wine Tour Tastings!

The LVG team is on its way next week up to Morzine and Chamonix for big Spring tastings!! Come one, come all. Morzine Tasting will be held at the Aubergade Hotel on Thursday 10th April, featuring: Loads of wines from around the world, our new-found Burgundy wine producer Guillaume (a hit with the ladies…), a […]

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Fab new site + Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn…

Yeehaa, we’re finally up and running in the 21st century. Our spiffy new site has gone live, along with all manner of wild ‘down-with-the-kidz’ stuff like Facebook and Twitter. But you’ll know that by now ‘cos you’re looking at it. Have a poke around the site if you’ve really got nothing better to do. With […]

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A brand new sexy website – wow…

It’s taken us a while. Nearly 8 years, to be precise. But Le Verre Gourmand finally has something resembling a professional website. Let’s pop the corks! It’s a funny game, this web malarkey, innit? Listen to some folk and they’ll tell you the interwebnetwork can do absolutely everything for you – bottom-wiping ‘n all. But […]

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