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Fab new site + Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn…

Yeehaa, we’re finally up and running in the 21st century. Our spiffy new site has gone live, along with all manner of wild ‘down-with-the-kidz’ stuff like Facebook and Twitter. But you’ll know that by now ‘cos you’re looking at it. Have a poke around the site if you’ve really got nothing better to do. With […]

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A brand new sexy website – wow…

It’s taken us a while. Nearly 8 years, to be precise. But Le Verre Gourmand finally has something resembling a professional website. Let’s pop the corks! It’s a funny game, this web malarkey, innit? Listen to some folk and they’ll tell you the interwebnetwork can do absolutely everything for you – bottom-wiping ‘n all. But […]

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