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Blind Tasting Package

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Blind Tasting Package – this is an option we have just released which provides you with an evening of in-house, wine-loving entertainment for just 95€.

How does it work?

Your kit contains:blindtasting

–        1 bottle of Prosecco

–        An assortment of red and white wines (5 of each)

–        1 bottle of Champagne

–        Red and white wine info/answer booklets

–        Lettered sheets to reference wines

Each year we produce ‘cheat sheets’ for our leading wines. The aim of the blind tasting game is to use these sheets to see how many wines you can correctly identify.

What you will need:

–        This kit (mentioned above)

–        Ski socks (preferably clean ones) – one per bottlered-question-mark-HIV-ATMLA

–        A bottle opener

–        Glasses

–        Pens


–        Get the wines to the appropriate temperatures – reds a bit below room temp, whites just above fridge temp.

–        Open the wines and put each one into a ski sock so that the label is obscured. Take care to remove the foil ‘collar’ at the top of the neck of the bottle if it contains any info that might give the wine away.

–        Put the A4 lettered sheets around the room and a bottle of wine with each. Start with whites, then reds.

–        Open the Prosecco. Invite your guests in and pour them a glass so that they don’t get thirsty while you explain the rules/wait for late arrivals.

–        Hand each person/couple/group a white and red info/answer booklet.

–        Invite your guests to taste the wines (whites, then reds is best). Using the info sheets they need to guess which wine is which and mark it on the answer sheet. Allow 30-60 mins.

–        When everyone is done, reveal the bottles and give the Champagne to the person who scored the most points.

–        Scores tied? Tie-break-taste-off time! Invite the tied parties to blind taste a wine and identify it. If they are wrong, they are out. Repeat process until one winner remains.

–        Congratulate winner, get fresh glass, pour your favourite wine into it, relax….

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