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Birth of a collaboration: Veyrat x Fourpure

At Le Verre Gourmand wine will always be our one true great love, but we’ve been spending much of the last couple of years trying to get our booze-soaked brains round the concept of drinks made from grain and navigating the world of craft beer. Whilst it is extremely good fun to slurp your way merrily through a beer masterclass, at some point you have to learn by DOING and not just drinking – ie: rolling your sleeves up and having a go at making the stuff.

The Veyrat x Fourpure collaboration brew story is a meeting of minds and a mixture of expertise. We had the knowledge of French and English brewers, and the distinguished pallets and manpower of the LVG wine pros ready and willing to make a beer from start to finish.

In the French corner we had Emmanuel Veyrat of Brasserie Veyrat. We stumbled across this gem of a French Brewer last winter. Emmanuel is based in the Haute Savoie and makes proper craft beer – reinventing the classic blonde, brune and ambree styles with a modern take that is long overdue in this part of the world.

So there we were on a sunny afternoon in late August trying to picture a winter evening in a snug boozer with a few mates and a desperate thirst. Veyrat and Gregg (freshly flown in from Fourpure) patiently listened to our brief (a darker beer, with a bit of spicy maltiness but without letting the alcohol go through the roof) and set us to work – enjoying having an army of willing winos at their disposal to do all of the lifting and lugging.

Secondary School French bounced off Lycee-level English to surprisingly good effect over some technical-looking brewing software. LVG did the grunt work, Veyrat x Fourpure pulled the strings, et voila – a tweak or two down the line and we were waiting for the final brew to, well… brew.

And what is it like? Delicious of course. Rich in colour, hoppy but not in-your-face, smooth and warming (in spite of being served cold) in your gob and with a resilient bitterness on the finish. The alcohol topped out at 5% meaning that it is easy enough to have another. And another. And….

Want to get your hands on this momentous piece of history?! The Fourpure / Veyrat Collaboration is available for you to buy in both keg and bottle form – why not try it on a rotating line or as a bottle offer?

We now have 48 kegs of the finest Anglo-French beer that has ever been made sitting in our warehouse for YOU to purchase. This stuff is attracting the attention of some eager beer fans so move fast! Once it’s gone, it’s gone – although there’s certain to be more collborations on the way. Here’s to Veyrat x Fourpure!

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