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Airdrop – order now for a confinement resupply!

Following Monday’s announcements and with stocks running critically low in wine racks, fridges and cellars all across the Alps, your pals at LVG are getting ready to parachute* in vital supplies to get you through another 4 weeks at home.

Pretty much everything is still in stock so if you have a favourite, just ask for it. We have also picked out a few discounted items for you – just to further ease the pain. Furthermore – place an order of any items with a total value of over €200HT and we’ll chuck in a Magnum (1.5l!) of Paradis Rosé – perfect for when you get to celebrate freedom with your friends**.

We are hardly on the front line of the battle against the pandemic, but we do think that with some careful planning and common sense, we can top you up with some delectable drinks that will help you to cope with the solitude/restrictions/uncertainty/chaos/delirium (delete as appropriate).

Orders will be collated by region and delivery will be arranged for ASAP, as certain order volumes are reached. You will be contacted in advance of your delivery (we know you’re not going far ;)).

First-time clients will be required to pay on order and will be contacted to arrange this.

When your order arrives, your driver will be delighted to see you but please, no handshakes or kisses and please don’t offer to help him/her to unload. The driver will bring your delivery to your door, or the entrance of your building and you’ll be doing the hard work from there so just sit back and watch from a social (min. 2 metres) distance while they do the first part of the job.

Questions? Concerns? We’re right here as always on 04 50 58 59 81 or Just holler.

*We’re not going to use parachutes – it’s going to be somebody in an LVG van who will appreciate you observing strict social distancing (please).

** Available for as long as current stocks of Paradis Rosé 2018 last.

Products on special offer:

Sales terms:

  • Offer subject to availability. Orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Orders must be placed by midday on 21/4/20.
  • New customers must pay upon ordering.
  • Free delivery to our regular delivery routes, surcharges may apply to other areas and to orders under €200H.T. in total value.
  • See our full sales terms here:
  • The prices indicated are in euros excluding tax and are valid for our customers in France. Shipping and import charges may apply extra for other countries.
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