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Ce8yqAgWsAAbSKQ.jpg-largeWe supply wines and craft beers to shops, bars, hotels, restaurants, catered chalets and private cellars all over Europe. To do that, we need access to lip-smackingly good plonk, a top-notch ops team and barrels of know-how.

We make no secret of the fun that we have in pulling all of this together. Wine, beer and good times go hand in hand. We make the most of that but don’t be fooled – we’re sincere about getting the job done – travelling, talking, figuring, organising, tasting and tweaking things to perfection so that the bottle that you need winds up in the right place at the right time. It’s serious business that can still be conducted with a wink and a smile.

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First, we find really nice wines and beers. 

In order to do that, we listen, keeping one ear to the ground, monitoring the latest trends and the other firmly directed at our customers, doing our very best to understand their needs and provide for them. Armed with that info, we taste thousands of wines and beers each year, whittling them down to a few hundred that make up our range.

Next, we build relationships with our producers.

Yes, we nobble them on their prices in order to get the best deal for our customers but also we make sure that our relationships with them are positive. Happy producers provide a good service and consistent quality – elements that are vital for our clients.

After that, we show them to you.

We seldom pass up the opportunity to send out some samples or, even better, come to you to show off our wares – we’re proud of them after all. We host tasting after tasting, large and small, talking about the wines and learning about your requirements. Each of our customers is different and the more that we know about you, the more we can help.

Then we distribute.

Gathering everything together in our warehouse in the French Alps allows us to mix orders (minimum order of any wine is 6 bottles, beer is 24 cans/bottles) and deliver using either our own fleet of vehicles or transport companies to go further afield. Our drivers are some of the most determined boys and girls in the hills and our office staff keep them on the move and heading in the right direction – doing our utmost to get you your grog – come what may.

Then we put our feet up, job done.

Oh no. Oh no no no… The job has just started. Maybe it sounds a bit cheesy but we want to work side-by-side with our clients. It’s not enough to dump off some booze and hit the road – we’re always listening to and supporting our customers as well as training their staff. We produce info sheets and provide training on the references that they have, then we go out in search of the new things that they want. Then we go back to the start of the whole process and go again. It’s never-ending and we love it.