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A brand new sexy website – wow…

2013-09-18 23.15.13It’s taken us a while. Nearly 8 years, to be precise. But Le Verre Gourmand finally has something resembling a professional website. Let’s pop the corks!

It’s a funny game, this web malarkey, innit? Listen to some folk and they’ll tell you the interwebnetwork can do absolutely everything for you – bottom-wiping ‘n all.

But while Roch and I met while working in webby worlds back in 1999-2000, neither of us has felt particularly concerned about equipping LVG with an all-singing, kickass website. For a business like ours, where our clients are mostly trade/business clients, where new business tends to be won by getting on the phone, writing to or meeting with potential clients, a website doesn’t carry as much importance as when you’re selling direct to the public. Blimey, it doesn’t seem to have caused us much pain, given our growth over the last few years.

But there comes a time when you want to say to the world “Hey, we’re starting to become vaguely grown-up as a business – s’pose we’d better look and sound a bit smarter”. And that moment has come for us.

So here we are – and we’ve even embraced the frankly peculiar worlds of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin while we’re at it.

So whaddaya reckon to our posh new skin?!?

Cheers – Sam


One Response to A brand new sexy website – wow…

  1. Sam 27 September 2013 at 9:34 pm #

    Hey, Mister Sam, that sounds pretty cool to me. love from Sam